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The 27th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

Release time: 2015-05-23
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Four days of chinaplas 2013 international rubber in guangzhou pazhou exhibition on May 23, success, in the joint efforts of all staff, the event we achieved full success.


The 27th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

Chinaplas 2013 international rubber show is the international plastics industry event, this time is our valuable exhibitors the 27th the jubilee, the exhibition organizers the propaganda is the most of all, influence is also did not meet before.

The exhibition is divided into 16 pavilion, a total of more than 1000 booths, is enormous.

Companies in the exhibition booth is 4.1 K61, booth's pavilion trump card for the exhibition hall, Italian pavilion, is a famous brand.

Company unveiled four new high-performance injection molding machine: MT120 GK - LSR [horizontal (LIM) liquid silicone injection machine], LMT180 - GII - 3 c, l-type horizontal injection molding machine of three color 】 【 V55S -m and vertical single slide injection molding machine 】 【 W120R2 - GII [new vertical injection molding machine disk (three linkage clamping cylinder) 】.

The four injection molding machine is shine brilliantly in the exhibition, is one of the most eye-catching LMT180 - GII - 3 c.

The machine table is the biggest selling point three color material molding, injection mold core in the process of rotation and the internal assembly, a three colors of three materials exquisite business card case and answer automatically fall into barrels, the scene of the guests.

Provided by the company is also the three color card case, attracted a lot of guests lined up, very lively scene.

More professional buyers to see so many people line up and came to visit the machine, to the sales staff and details about the machine, so that to attract the guests to visit the company booth has played a very positive role.

Another site operation W120R2 - GII mechanism for bei strap type make-up box and MT120 - GK - LSR bei silicone car bellows also received high attention of the professionals.

On the four new high-performance injection molding machine in this exhibition received a pretty good promotion effect.


The 27th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

In addition, the front desk receptionist field distributing of "silver bag" with its dazzling color and fashion innovative design and by the guests, lead an walk at the forefront of marketing.


Make more and more people feel superior encyclopedia of mechanical products is our exhibition, exhibition next year we will make persistent efforts, exhibited more amazing new technologies, to let a guest feel an latest zero distance to the most superior products.


The next exhibition, we are looking forward to meet with you.

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