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On April 28, 2017 - May 1 Taiwan alishan jiufen 4, Sun Moon Lake tour activities

Release time: 2017-04-29
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To thank employees for the development of the company to make unremitting efforts for many years, and deliver on the promises of the company to arrange once a year traveling, also in order to alleviate the pressure of the employees work, enrich the spiritual life, arouse the enthusiasm for work, the company leadership in April this year to make the organization the first batch of employees of Taiwan to the motherland island tourism decision.

On April 28, 2017 - May 1 Taiwan alishan jiufen 4, Sun Moon Lake tour activities

The whole trip for 4 days (on May 1, April 28 solstice), tourism is the first stop in Taipei, from north to south during the visit in Taipei, taichung, chiayi, nantou, kaohsiung, famous scenic spot.

Chiayi city famous scenic alishan mountain of betel nut trees, the mountains of high mountain, mountain tree greatly, foggy, it is a spectacle;

Taipei's Palace Museum - one of the world's four big museum, the essence of Chinese history and culture, the vast collection of surprise!

Attractive landmarks and Taipei 101, Taipei, the perfect place to have a bird's eye view of the city at night and shopping;

Sun Moon Lake of nantou county, Taiwan's largest natural freshwater lake, one of the famous Taiwan eight sights.

The last leg of the journey is nine old street, retains many days cure age old buildings here, nostalgic landscape attract many tourists go to pilgrimage.

On April 28, 2017 - May 1 Taiwan alishan jiufen 4, Sun Moon Lake tour activities

In tension, busy work, have such an opportunity to put work in hand, came to the island of Taiwan, enjoying the beautiful scenery, appreciate the local conditions and customs of different places, to relax the mood, ease the pressure, the growth.

Tourism in the process, through each other and help each other, take care of each other between colleagues, increases the close relationship between each other, create a harmonious team atmosphere.

Tourism return to share their knowledge and experience in the travel, and more full of enthusiasm and energy into work, to the further development of the company continue to make its own contribution.

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