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To build an industrial park, improve overall solution supply capacity - to visit wikipedia machinery

Release time: 2016-12-22
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Wikipedia machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD. Was set up more than a decade, with professional as the guidance, stick to the path of the high-end, independent innovation, has become a domestic leading dedicated injection molding equipment manufacturers.

To satisfy the increasing market demand, wikipedia is the new industrial park, dongguan changping construction, along with the application of the industrial park and its internal technology center building is complete, wikipedia in the field of special injection molding equipment's ability to provide the overall solution will be significantly increased.


To build an industrial park

Wikipedia machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "encyclopedia") is the niche, special injection molding machine industry in China, specialized in the field of outstanding person, set up more than a decade, assiduous, unceasingly enterprising, is now in the inlaid molding automation LSR (LIM) and liquid silicone rubber injection molding, and the double (multiple) color radiation and rotary turning a core project in areas such as occupies the domestic leading position.

For their own development and better meet customer demand, wikipedia decided in 2015 in dongguan changping building an industrial park, and bought nearly 50 mu of land.

In early 2016, wikipedia industrial park a period (30 mu of land for construction, the actual usable floor area of 30000 square meters, will be an shenzhen factory 3 ~ 4 times its size.

The industrial park construction is underway in now, can be put into use next year.

At present the development of China's economy has entered a new normal period, China's manufacturing industry is also facing a dilemma because of falling demand, why wikipedia invested heavily to establish an industrial park at this time?

Don't afraid of the high investment gone?

The encyclopedia machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD., executive director of Mr Li Feng expressed his view to the reporter, and full of confidence to the investment in an industrial park.

"Indeed, in 2015 the Chinese economy bid farewell to nearly 30 years of rapid growth, the overall market demand, China's manufacturing industry into the fall and winter, and even into the winter period. But wikipedia will still be put into construction of an industrial park in this period, which is based on our in-depth understanding and judgment about the present situation of China's manufacturing industry, namely economic new normal, or the cause of manufacturing cold winter, is not completely is the decline in market demand, but the structure of China's manufacturing sector in the twenty or thirty years came the problem of unreasonable. Specific to the machinery and equipment industry, are on the market there are a number of produced by small workshops, non standard, non-standard, and there is no independent innovation products, the low end, unproductive overcapacity, high-end product market need less, resulting in the industry get into difficulty. Therefore, puts forward the industry transformation and upgrade of the policy."

Mr Li Feng explained that, from the, wikipedia is guided by professional, stick to the path of the low-end, independent innovation, in the face of the current period of transformation and upgrading, wikipedia must extend to a more modern, more standard (specification) and higher efficiency of the development, to meet the increasing market demand.

Wikipedia, therefore, need a new production and r&d base to achieve breakthroughs and upgrade.

Wikipedia will build an industrial park as a major and long-term investment, it will bring more value for customers, and at the same time also can make the company's business to continue steady growth.


The construction of professional application technology center

Wikipedia will be for the new production base to purchase nearly 10 sets of advanced processing and testing equipment, including Japan MAZAK, OKUMA and MITUTOYO brand such as the international first-class equipment.

"However, for an industrial park, the establishment of applied technology center is our top priority."

Mr Li Feng pointed out that "most of the domestic machinery industry still stays on the improvement of the hardware, professional application of technology center, there are few companies and which they made mechanical missing 'have improvement and innovation of the soul. That is just the most fundamental improvement, rather than starting from the heart of users solve problems that they need. In fact the developed countries in Europe and the us machinery enterprise to establish application technology center is fairly common. Through such centers, enterprises can and application industry leader, raw material suppliers and mould supplier to build a development team to jointly develop new products. Wikipedia hope to draw lessons from the successful experience of European and American peers, predictably, in an application technology center will be built, we will be able to convey the new process or improve process to the requirements of the machine, so that mechanical designer by improving the machine to meet the requirements of the process. On staffing, in addition to the machinery in the field of professional engineers, have senior molding engineer, there are even polymer engineering and technical personnel to join us. They can discuss with the customer to improve technology, new technology to meet the requirements of customers, so as to provide turnkey all-round services, not just a machine. This is for wikipedia such special injection equipment enterprises is particularly important, because a dedicated equipment may lead to a new process requirement, the customer that often have no experience, which requires equipment companies to provide clients with valuable expertise, and to provide a full range of complete solution, so that the customer can be at ease, comfortable use equipment for production."


The secret of success

As a special molding equipment manufacturers, leading China encyclopedia is successful.

In after the establishment of more than 10 years, wikipedia for some special, special injection molding equipment, leading at the same time, the business has been growing steadily.

Today, an injection device has lots of customers and love.

Wikipedia was able to today's achievements, is and the development direction of the company leadership and excellent enterprise culture inseparable.

"In China's manufacturing industry has a lot of top management to the aim of enterprises is how to do big, do more, and make the product cost more low, and an emphasis is a target of mission, but the lead in the domestic industry, more steps onto the international stage, to receive international recognition, win honor for our made in China. With this sense of mission, will make our steadfast, trying to hold on, toward the ultimate goal. We have insisted on in the field of special injection molding, deep tillage for 20 years, is the encyclopedia can get customers in the industry and an important cause of love."

Mr Li Feng said.

When it comes to an enterprise culture, Mr Li Feng said: "the encyclopedia of the corporate culture is based on a relatively fair and transparent sharing mechanism, the so-called create share. An existing different business units, there will be more in the future, each business unit is a partner, the sharing mechanism, fully embodies the encyclopedia to create the spirit of sharing. We know that sharing is decided to the company long-term retaining talent and go further. Therefore, the encyclopedia is the cultural inheritance. For the employee's fault tolerance, wikipedia is a relatively transparent system, so to speak, harmonious atmosphere in wikipedia or higher."


Hope for a better future

Mr Li Feng for wikipedia's future has been clear in the chest, "an existing more than 100 employees, and constantly improve their happiness index is wikipedia's commitment to all employees. By the next year of industrial park will provide them with a better platform to develop its intelligence, so as to create more innovative, more valuable products, to firmly safeguard their life more and constantly improve their happiness index."

Li Feng, says Mr For the products and technology research and development, wikipedia will continue to "win honor for our made in China" for the mission, has introduced the international advanced level of the machine, and set up factories in foreign countries, and promote the encyclopedia of internationalization.

It is worth mentioning that an Indian plant will be set up in 2017.

"With the innovation of the soul, there is dream of manufacturing, and the existence of value, a sense of happiness is happy", is Mr Li Feng for an excellent interpretation on how to do for the future.

Believe that wikipedia in the entire encyclopedia people can cast under the concerted effort of greater glory!

The text/your correspondent li

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