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Give the machine more connotation of soul - visit Multitech Machinery(ShenZhen)Ltd. Executive

Release time: 2017-04-19
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In 2017, wikipedia machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD will usher in a new milestone, the company in dongguan changping to build the new encyclopedia of industrial park and the new application technology center will be put into use.

Standing on a higher platform, wikipedia is committed to give the machine from the perspective of humanistic care more the connotation of "soul", at the same time continue to develop innovative technology, constantly promoted to special field of injection molding's ability to provide the overall solution, think that lead to higher value-added products and services.

Founded in 2001, wikipedia machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "encyclopedia") is the domestic small and medium-sized injection molding machine industry, special and special product in the market, set up 16 years, the company in a professional orientation, adhere to the development road of independent innovation, pragmatic and enterprising, is now in the inlaid molding automation LSR (LIM) and liquid silicone rubber injection molding, and the double (multiple) color radiation stations and rotary switch core engineering technology in the domestic leading position.

Based on this, in recent years, an injection molding machine in electronic appliances, automobile application fields such as winning the trust of more and more high-end customers.

Especially proud of is that the company's dedicated LSR injection molding machine has been more than apple mobile phones supplier for the production of iphone7 using silicone waterproof sealing ring, and its equipment occupied the application field of 60% ~ 70% of the market, to achieve a 50% sales growth in 2016 for its made an important contribution.

There is no denying the fact that it has to do with the company accumulated 10 years of experience in silicone molding application has to do!

Due to mobile phone waterproof seal injection volume is small, so the defective products appear easily, it's stability is put forward high requirements for the machine.

With good price advantage, an injection molding machine from a host of competing products, won the processors are highly regarded.

An executive director, says Mr Li Feng breakthrough in the field of mobile sealing ring application along with the company, in the next few years, the company is expected to achieve steady growth in the field of the market, because the successful application of silicone waterproof sealing ring on the iphone, is bound to bring other mobile phone brands application of market opportunities.

Give the machine more connotation of soul - visit Multitech Machinery(ShenZhen)Ltd. Executive

Executive director of the encyclopedia machinery (shenzhen) co., LTD Mr Li Feng

Based on the limitations of the current capacity, in order to meet the need of market growth, at the same time in order to create a more comfortable for the staff, can stimulate the staff enthusiasm and creativity of the working environment, the new encyclopedia wikipedia has in dongguan changping planning industrial park.

The industrial park land purchase nearly 50 mu, the issue of land of 30 mu, the actual usable floor area of 30000 square meters, is expected to be put into use in the third quarter of 2017.

Mr Li Feng said, compared with the data of shenzhen factory, new industrial park will be able to provide 4 ~ 5 times of manufacturing capacity, which will help the company in the future according to the field of products and market demand, further subdivided manufacturing, so as to better meet the application requirements of different customers.

But as a matter of facing a major investment in the future, the new production base will be at a higher starting point, for customers to create a more technical connotation of special injection molding machine products.

According to the encyclopedia of planning for the future, with the introduction of the new industrial park, enhance the innovation ability, especially the supply ability of application technology, will become the focus of the company's future development.

To this end, the company will be in the new encyclopedia industrial park to build a new application technology center, to innovation platform, really based on user requirements, gradually give the machine more the connotation of the "soul".

Mr Li Feng explained to this, the domestic product innovation of injection molding machine industry, attention is machine energy saving, stability, precision and speed, etc., but the real relationship to machine operators use the innovation rarely comfort, safety, etc.

For wikipedia, in addition to the above-mentioned continually improve the machine performance, give the machine more humanized things also will be the direction to continuous efforts, that is consistently advocated by encyclopedia "to give the connotation of the machine more soul".

"Our goal is not only provide customers with" cold "machine, but from the Angle of human nature to make customers feel real machines' care 'for them. And to do this, first of all, our own to cultivate employees' humane' awareness, of course, this requires the management of our company first can do that. We'll be the first to give their employees more human nature concern, to inspire their creativity in human caring, that is" people-oriented "management philosophy."

, says Mr Li Feng additional technical connotation for the machines, new technology, in particular, is the core competitiveness of sustainable development of encyclopedia in the future.

As a result, the company will work with leading enterprise customers, the suppliers of raw materials and mould supplier, working closely together to develop innovative applications technology research and innovation, and innovation and technology as the guide, joint development of innovative machine suitable to customer needs, to provide customers with real products with high additional value and full service turnkey."

In the forthcoming Chinaplas 2017 exhibition, wikipedia will show 6 sets of innovative equipment, 3 of them will be "the demonstration of the application of innovation, including the multi-color molding and plastic combined with silicone waterproof sealing parts, and highlights the silicone to replace the PC production of automobile LED lamp lens.

In addition to the live demonstration, the company will also with international's leading supplier of material, mold manufacturers, during the show around technology seminar for technical application and innovation, the innovation to the industry customers promote these new technologies.

In short, in order to "create a share" for the mechanism of wikipedia, has gone through 16 years of successful development.

Confident for the future, Mr Li Feng still!

, he said, at present, the company has several divisions, along with the development of the business will be growing in the future, and create a sharing mechanism is fair and transparent operation for the company to enhance cohesion created good conditions, which is to ensure that the company's future to achieve the foundation for long-term development.

Give the machine more connotation of soul - visit Multitech Machinery(ShenZhen)Ltd. Executive

Dongguan Multitech Machinery industrial park view design

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