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发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 07
锁模力:120-500Ton1.直立合模,直立射出2. R2:3柱2站圆盘,R3:4柱3站圆盘3.两套独立射出单元由两组电机油泵提供动力,运行稳定可靠,并可同时做两个动作,减少周期时间,增加产能4.高效率齿轮转动圆盘由平面自润滑耐磨片承载,中央同步运水装置(水管可360度旋转),旋转快速,定位准确,表面镀铬防锈,美观,耐用5.选用此圆盘多功能双色机,不但使您双色产品多样化,模具成本低,还为您提供另一种新时代产品制作的新思考方向
发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 07
Clamping Force:170-320Ton1. Vertical clamping, horizontal injection, easy to insert and Reducing the height of machine2. Rotary Table(2-3) Station Reduces Cycle Time and increase production3. Two sets of independent control of the injection unit so as to remain stable and reliable
发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 18
Clamping Force:180Ton,330Ton,430TonHorizontal multi-color/material injection molding machine1.Use of Japan Omron or Austria KEBA the latest high speed Precision controller,with self-developed softwareProgram,has the good man-machine interaction performance2.Hydraulic system with Germany Bosch large flow,high response half closed loop proportional value and importPressure sensor,achieve precision half closed loop control.The overall system has the high response,the low noise and the low energy consumption as well as the extremely high repeat accuracy3.The complete machine is the modular design.Two sets independent injection system may carry on many kinds of combination matching based on the characteristic of the plastic products. The injection molding product scope is widespread
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LSR Horizontal Injection Molding Machine    Clamping Force: 50 ~ 160T1. The clamping force can be more even because of direct clampingat the center design and lifetime of the platen can be extended. 2. Insulation plate(standard:within 200°C).3. Equipped with pneumatic sealing nozzle, air blow and ejector design.
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