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发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 14
Vertical clamping, vertical injection,easy to insert.
发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 14
Vertical clamping,vertical injection,easy to insert.S-single slide table(1 upper mold,1 bottom mold).In-out table design,more convenient.
发布时间: 2018 - 08 - 03
Vertical clamping,vertical injection,easy to insert.SD-The integrated double slide table(1 upper mold,2 bottom mold).SDS-The split double slide table(1 upper mold,2 bottom mold).Double Slide Table design,increase production and more convenient.
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1.Single Slide table with full automation2.Auto insert & pick up                                     3. 8 cavity4. Montyly capacity 400-450k pcs.
1.a person may operate machine, low labor costs2.by replacing the mold to the production of different specifications zipper3.by two electronic scale adjustment switch mold and injection location
1. Machine has compact structure, small occupied space, than the traditional automatic LED continuous injection machine saves the area of 15%-20%, improve the use of vendors plant utilization2. Injection part adopts Multitech SPM single-cylinder injection system, as is the horizontal bar of injection structure, jet thrust directly acting on the screw, effectively avoids the traditional double cylinder injection action is not synchronous machine injection inertia big shortcoming, firing action more smoothly, effectively and improve the precision of injection3. Material guiding belt mechanism and a positioning mechanism adopts the special regulation of design,15-70mm metal band can be easily produced, without changing any parts, greatly expanded the utility of manufacturers fo...
1. Stability of the hydraulic driving device[Bulk silica gel]2.With accurate and reliable metering screw plunger injection
[Printer]The machine adopts special design top-down injection device and nozzle leak-proof device, in the form of liquid silicone rubber roller to ensure its exhaust uniform superiority
LSR(LIM)vertical injection molding machine    Clamping force: 55-160Ton1. Multi-stage mold heater and temperature control.2. LSR special pneumatic sealing nozzle.3. Special LSR barrel and screw set.4. Insulation plate(standard:within 200°C).5. Rotary table or double slide tables design [1 upper mold,2 bottom mold], easy to pick-up. During heat curing, operator can make mold clean and insert, to increase the production.6. Special screw change and injection design to make more accurate screw charge.7. Optional vacuum device to prevent product with air bubble.
LSR Horizontal Injection Molding Machine    Clamping Force: 50 ~ 160T1. The clamping force can be more even because of direct clampingat the center design and lifetime of the platen can be extended. 2. Insulation plate(standard:within 200°C).3. Equipped with pneumatic sealing nozzle, air blow and ejector design.
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